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Logistics management team full-time job announcement

Rom International, established in 2017, is a small and medium-sized company with a capital of 50 million won, sales of 8,644.3 million won, and 30 employees. It is located in Dapsimni-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, and is conducting overseas online/open market/trading business.


ㆍProduct picking/checking/packing

ㆍProduct transportation/transportation


ㆍEducation: Regardless of academic background

ㆍExperience: Regardless of experience

preferential treatment

ㆍAble to drive

ㆍCertificate: Class 1 Ordinary Driver’s License

admission procedure

ㆍDocument screening > 1st interview > 2nd interview > Executive interview > Final pass

ㆍThe interview schedule will be notified later.


ㆍIf false information is found, the employment may be cancelled.


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