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CEO 인사말

CEO Greetings

Rom International Inc. insisted only on global territorial expansion.
When others focus only on the narrow domestic market, From the beginning, Rom International Inc. has been running with the goal of entering a wide global market.

Like Rome, which started with a small city-state in Italy, and built a great empire in the ancient world,
Rom International Inc. started as a small one-man company and has grown into the best cosmetics distribution/marketing company in the overseas market.

The driving force behind Rome's hegemony was embracing and accepting different cultures,
Just as they came from their generosity to reinvent themselves with their own heritage,
Rom International also wants to recreate a new beauty culture with various partners.

Rom International Inc. is moving towards the world, towards tomorrow and towards beauty.
Please support the future we will change.


Thank you.

2020.08 CEO

대표 유리성
사무실 전경




Dec.  BeautiTopping Showroom Opens (Shinjuku, Japan)

Sep.  Selected as a company to receive incentives for the global shopping mall sales business

July  Certified as a Mainstay Business (MAIN-BIZ)

July  Designated as a Professional Trade Company by the Korea International Trade Association

Apr.  Selected as an agency for global shopping mall sales business

Feb.  IBK Family companies (blue-chip designation)

 Establish an offshore corporation (Japan)


Dec.  Achieved 30 billion won in sales in

Dec.  Achieved 30 billion won in sales in

July  Opened Dapsimni 2nd Logistics Center

June  Daisyk business agreement

May before the expansion of Dapsimni Logistics Center

May  Relocation of office building: Sebang Building


June Dapsimni Logistics Center opened in 

June  Relocation of office building: Haeyeon Building



Dec.  Achieved 12 billion won in sales in 

Oct.  J&J business agreement

Sep. Deferred Life Beauty Business Agreement

May  Entered Rakuten in Japan

Dec.  Coutelle Perfume Q10 Singapore BEST SELLER 1

January  Selected to move into the Korea International Trade Association Trade Center Venture Plaza


Mar.  Conversion of corporation to Rom International Inc. established

Mar. Selected as a Singapore sales agency for Clio Co., Ltd. business agreement

Feb. Lire Remover Stick Q10 Singapore, Q10 Japan's BEST SELLER 1st place



Dec.  Angs Shop headquarters business

Aug.  Swanicoco Headquarters Business Agreement

March Lire headquarters business agreement 

March  Mi Factory Headquarters Business Agreement

January  Skin Distributor Hansung Business Agreement


Dec.  IBK 베스트파트너(우량 수출입기업 지정)

Dec.  수출지원기반활용사업(수출바우처) 수행기관 선정

Qoo10 BestSeller 선정(2년 연속)

Mar.  Selected to implement global shopping mall expansion support project

Mar.  Tower of Exports (10 Million Dollar Tower)

Feb.  Selected as a participating company in the Seoul Youth Intern Job Camp

Jan.  Establishing a corporate research center



Received eBay Export Star Group Award

조직도 배경

Organization chart


Management Planning Office

Brand Division

Retail Division

Management Divisio

online sales

Distribution/Marketing Team

Wholesale Sales

Sales Management Team

Logistics Management Team

Logistics Management Team

Management Support Team


Way to come

ADDRESS   ROM International, 3rd floor, Sebang Building, 95, Hancheon-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul (801 Dapsimni-dong)

TEL   +82 (0)2-6956-9669   |  FAX    +82(0)70-8277-9669

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