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Global Market Entry

ROM International's unique global market entry system

Recruiting global distribution companies

global Recruitment of distribution companies

Beauti Topping Shop entry review

Beauti Topping shop Admission review

Launched Beauti Topping Shop

Beauti Topping shop entering the store

Open market sales and SNS marketing

Open market sales and social media marketing

Became Japan's best brand

Japan's best

brand rise

Entering the offline market

market entry

Target offline channels that fit your brand image

fit the brand image Offline channel attack

Online market settlement

online market


글로벌 시장 진출
온라인 B2C 시장

Entering the global market through online B2C market entry

Check market response through online B2C entry

Advance to online B2C

Check market reaction through

Brand introduction based on beauti topping awareness

Beauti Topping awareness

Brand introduction based on

Creating brand image using Beauty Topping’s marketing tools

Utilize Beauti Topping marketing tools Creating a brand image

Providing market status through big data statistical analysis

Big data statistical analysis Provide market status through

오프라인 시장

Expanding brand awareness by entering the offline market

Check online market response and enter [reduce initial costs]

Check the online market reaction Entry [Reduction of initial cost]

Select an offline store that fits your brand image

fit the brand image

Choose an offline store

Expand brand awareness through online/offline marketing

through on/offline marketing Increase brand awareness

Establishing brand positioning in the global market

within the global market Establish brand positioning

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